Monday, January 7, 2013

Mission P!!

  ‘There are 3 bowls with some chits in them. You need to pick a chit. In first, it will be known to you, its Truth or Dare. In 2nd bowl you will get question for Truth and in 3rd you get question for Dare. Rules are Rules; you cannot break them or change anything. Everybody got that, any doubt?’

I raised my hand. ‘Sir, Err... I ... I … I want to pee’. Everyone looked at me. I thought beta it’s not the right time, thodi si control kar le. 

This was the 3rd ragging session near Kattara-chowki a bit far from our college. We were totally 21 boys in which 11 were juniors. We needed to wear a baniyan and boxers in ragging sessions. We were looking like rag pickers with the high profile costume!! We were playing Truth or Dare.

3 students went and picked up chits in first bowl. They all got Truth. They completed the ‘activity’ (as our seniors say it). Next was me. I took a chit, I got Dare! I wanted to ask the chit ‘how dare you to come to me’!
I started praying God to give me a small task. Went to the third bowl and picked up a chit. It said, ‘Go to near bank, there, run counter to counter fast and say, ‘ Taliban’! Attack, attack, attack. Shoot shoot shoot. And make shooting sound and close the bank door and run back to us’.

 I was so tensed that I didn’t get the meaning of the sentence in one go. I read it twice, mainly the word Taliban five times. It was too risky, I can be behind bars if I get caught but it was better than giving #$%@Job to seniors. All my blood was pumped to face, ears got heated up. I felt Earth was shaking but later I noticed that it was my leg! I said ‘All izz well’ thrice myself. Screw you Aamir it did not work!

I ran to bank, was happy to see that security guard was not there at door. Before entering the bank, I looked at my senior in a patho face to change the task but he looked at his pant zip! And I looked at my pant zip and warned it, it’s not the time to pee. Control.

chak de patte , jo bole so nihal. I entered in to the bank. Only a few customers were there. Bank was a quite silent. I wanted to finish the task fast and get the hell out of there. I started running counter to counter. Everyone gradually started looking at me. Stopped running after a while, was panting but succeeded to take full breath and shouted ‘Talibans, Attack! Attack!! Attack’!!! As I said my first ‘Attack’, it was the turn for people in bank to shout. They screamed like hell. It increased my tension and blood started pumping faster and pee started collecting much faster! I thought my bladder gonna burst now. My next move was to just close the bank door and run back to my seniors. I was happy by remembering how easy the task will be if I cross the door safely. I was about to pull down the shutter, turned back at my seniors but seniors were not there. Then next someone smashed my head. It was so painful like having GPL from 100 people at a time. I came to know it was security guard who hit me, must have returned from his business by hearing the screaming. Hell. I was speechless because of both pain and tension.

I was tied to some counter door inside, put some cloth inside my mouth as not to talk. Security guard stood beside me. All the people inside the bank were afraid to go out, as I shouted ‘Talibans’, they might have thought that terrorists (!) are outside and am calling them inside. Security guard went to the main door carefully and closed it. OMG! Door is shut so my task is completed! But a sudden thought came to me I needed to make a shooting sound after my 3 Shoots but I missed it. I thought shall I do it now and complete the task and get AA in this!
One old guy was looking like bank manager, phoned to police, ‘one Taliban terrorist has come to our bank. We have tied him. Please come fast this time. Don’t delay like last many times… Yeah, the HDFC bank near Kattara-chowki’. Agar meri maa ye sunti tho kitna kush hoti!!

I could not move an inch, knot was too tight. My legs were also tied. All the customers were looking at me in disgust. I don’t know what they were thinking at that time. I wanted to read their lips but hell by tension my pee collecting process had reached infinity. I tried to calm myself. Don’t worry seniors would be coming with Chief Warden and Director and you will be released without any case. But yeah, Police might give some super shots to you! I questioned myself, Am I consoling myself or screwing up?!!

I started counting numbers to divert the focus and relieve tension. Didn’t work. It was not just a simple situation, I was tagged as Taliban! Oops… Taliban? I questioned myself. I wanted the tag of Engineer but it seemed I will never have that as I had so many back logs and addition to it this case. But the T-tag came to me without much effort. I remembered the quote, ‘Most of the things which come easier or not ours’!

It was a peak time, a few more drops my bladder going to burst. I searched around for some bowl or bottle! I should have carried the chit bowl in the ragging spot. Later remembered gosh, if I get bowl also how I can do in that, am tied. I was totally helpless; if I make sound somehow they are never going to care. I can’t pee in pant, its question about my status. And by the way, people think I got afraid so I peed! And when my friends and seniors come to know about this then? My game will be over. I will get another tag. P-Man!! Only one way is left out, it’s CONTROL! A lot of will power and internal opposing power can make me victorious in this!!

After a 10mins of struggle, fortunately my seniors with Director and Police came together. There was a discussion between them for a little while. I could see police was scolding Director! And Director was scolding my seniors!! Police came towards me. I thought, be ready for some super shots! But he didn’t hit me. He consoled me and asked me to cool down. God always give us hand in last moment after teaching us valuable lessons for life. Unknowingly I started crying. Police untied me and hugged and asked you want something or need to say anything?

 ‘Sir, I… I… I want to pee’.


  1. Super le !
    But edu Kevala Kalpanika na Athava Yava Vyaktige sambadpattiddu ............?

  2. That is the secret. I can't say, held by Bloggers' Oath. Nice to see you in blog UV :)

  3. It was humorous..No dought it is a fiction since you are still alive.

    waiting for your next update..

  4. Always enjoyed your blogs. . This one is hilarious. . . Btw nice imagination. . :-D