Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my sunday morning!!

How you feel when you are seated on the most hot seat? And on that you are planning your future plans!!Yep, am fortunate that i got that opportunity in my hostel days!!!

But what is that plan??!!!


From a deadly evil dream i woke and felt that some thing was crushed under my leg. I pushed down the bed sheet and found some broken glass pieces of my alarm clock which was showing exact 10:10 am!
I felt uneasy, i don't know why, i started to fix the glass pieces. Then at a sudden some voice came from myself! More precisely from my stomach! It just sounded,"let me go out else i will come out!!".

I realized its not the time for other work and jumped from my double cot bed. Searched for a bucket,any how i didn't had mine. it was Sunday so all the juniors had taken their bucket to wash their clothes.
I crawled beneath my friends cot too to search for a bucket. But that day i was unlucky.

The inside pressure was increasing as an exponential function! so i thought of checking buckets in bath room. I ran with crossed fingers. Among the two bath rooms i opened the one, but i could not see the bucket. Then my tension enhanced because at least my probability of finding a bucket was 1/2. But now it has become 1!! sure shot!!!
It was not the time to cross fingers but close palms and pray. i did the same!! i made a promise to God, if i get a bucket then i will wake early morning daily! then i slowly opened the door as am opening the heaven's door to see God. For my surprise i got one,it was small and had water in that time a mug was also OK for me!! But was sad for the promise to God and thought i would have waited for some more time!
Bath room door was full with scribblings, and it will be better if i won't tell about the smell there!!

Among all these i find it a heaven. This is the first time that i was lucky to have probability 1!!!

But the tension was not reduced, if any one comes and see my a little bucket then whats the condition! Being a house leader am with a little bucket!! And with all this, my tension has increased when i noticed water level was reducing!! it had a hole!

It was not the time to calculate the radius of hole, its parabolic projection with Toricell's equation etc. I just wanted the hole to shut. When i searched my pocket, i found xerox of my score card which had 2 FF's!! I thought its the better use of score card.And managed to fill the hole.

I thought every thing is fine now, then a sudden knock came from out side! some body wanted my hot seat as the other bath room was also occupied. But i was just in then.I told him give me some time. if he asks about the bucket then!! And i started to make answers.As time elapsed,knocking become faster. After some time he shouted then i came to know that its my friend. He was in a position to slam the door if i don't open the it because a few minutes before i too was in the same condition.i thought to share the bath room! But it didnt seem nice.

I made my answer,thought i will tell him the truth,"as its Sunday all juniors had taken their buckets so i didn't find any. so i came with this....". and with all this explanations i opened the door. And just started to tell him. But i was happy to see him telling me,"as its Sunday all juniors had taken their buckets so i didn't find any. so i came with this, showed me a small mug!!!".
my tension was over. Thanked God for giving hand at the last moment. I didn't say him anything i moved towards my cot,behind i heard loud crack of rockets from bath room!!!
This was my morning(mourninig). And i was scared of the rest day. As usual it went worst!!I made sure not to leak this bath room issue.And no body saw me except my friend and i was sure that he wont tell to any because he too was in the same condition! We had special class till evening.
When i came after dinner, power was not there. so i thought to sleep. When i was on bed then i heard some gossips. My juniors were talking about my friend's morning bath room issue!!!!!!!

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