Thursday, May 13, 2010

My lab exam Vs My Luck!!!

Every human enjoys the college life. Of course I'm not an evil,i too enjoy the college life!
Did any hurdle come to me in between while this golden life?

read this to know!!!

Dedicated to my physics instructor:

Entering the lab examination hall is not only entering with two hands,two legs,one nose,32 teeth's,one heart and one 'head'. But in that a 'brain' should also be there. Many want exam to go well,because they want good pointer. And many read for good GRE. Anyway i too had some thing same as head. But brain!!(sorry,what it means??!).

As usual i reached the hall at least 15min late. Just then my instructor was going to mark me as absent but got saved. But i could not save from his words. If he scolded then it was OK. But he was doing emotional black mail." What for you are here? Your parents might have built
home of dreams. Your father might have gave you Rs.500 and told make it 5 crore(!)....". I was a bit amused by his words.But Train was non-stop. I could not tell him any thing. But i wanted to tell him,'you crap,already am late. I have to start my lab exam!'. But i just nodded for his words.

When i opened the last piece of paper to know which experiment i got. I was shocked to see them.
I got two experiments which are lengthy and more than all i Dont know the procedures!!!I knew all other experiments but these two i didnt. I thought what a bad luck.

When i saw my position where i have to do my practicals, that was a second shock for me.
I was the only person doing that experiment. Means i can't even copy!!

I thought of exchanging the practical by sacrificing 5marks. I thought if i go there he will again torture me emotionally.

I had complete 2.30 hours in hand and thought i should not waste the time. Finally i got to try my level best. I tried to recollect about the experiment which i had got. But i could not. When all things go wrong then only thing comes is sleep! I slept completely for an hour. Then one of my instructors came and woke me up.
He came with a cup of tea i thought he will give me. But sipped it alone.
Again i checked the question. Among some faded memory i found some thing unfaded.
I recollected some points which my instructor had taught me.
Finally decided to write some thing and what next? Get shoot out from there. I thought at least he will give some thing for the theory.
I wrote what i could recollect,kept the answer booklet in my place and sneaked amidst my class mates to the exit.

When every one came after the exam, all were happy about exam and discussing about their pointer. Some one shouted he may get 10 pointer!! I thought to kick him and tell,'if you are getting then keep quiet and do your thing'. But that day was not mine.

After a week my instructor messaged me to come his cabin. I questioned myself, 'Did i get my 3rd FF?!!'. I went to him, he was cool. And asked why I didnt write observations etc.. I told the practical was too lengthy and a bit tough. When I saw his expression it was like not satisfied with my answer. Just for a moment also I didnt think what i am telling, I added, 'I know the concepts I can do now exactly'.
After that myself thought, Is that true?!!

He just stared at me. Some current like thing went in my head.I reluctantly had to add, 'you can ask any question from the 'given experiment' '. Then he thought for a while and said, 'you know the experiment already and you might have read them. So now you are telling to ask questions'. At last he added, 'I will ask questions from other experiments'.

I was happy!! Because my plan got good turn!!! some currrent like thing was this only. Just i thought if he asks questions about same experiment which i didnt read still(!) then!!! So i just pressured on the word 'given experiment'.

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  1. cool work da........
    but i could not believe what happened next...
    you are different from others
    i dont know whether you do them to impress others or its your uniqueness....
    whatever. its cool i like that(your blog not your scene at lab).......