Thursday, August 15, 2013

Watching movie is fun??

I always tell Moti not to bring much eatables to my room else I will become fluffy like her and Sheeni needs to carry needle always with him to poke me and blast me to make me normal! We the three guys, Sheeni, Moti and myself, watch movies together and I can’t recollect when we started watching and became fan of non-linear movies. We believed Nolan is the Father of film Industry. And not to specify it won’t be fun watching movie without eatables.

‘Sheeni, which is the movie of this week?’, I enquired.

“Cloud Atlas’, he replied showing me the DVD cover.

‘Non-linear??’ Moti and I asked simultaneously.

‘Ever I brought any linear movie? I don’t give a damn to other genre’, Sheeni replied and touched the foot of Nolan, a poster which I pasted on my room wall. He went on, ‘But it’s not Nolan’s’. Moti and I got depressed. ‘But I have read the reviews. It says we won’t understand the movie in one go, need to watch it twice or thrice’.

We started laughing.
‘We had understood Nolan’s in one go, what this shit can has. Are the reviewers dumb? I will watch the movie for the first 20 minutes and can tell the full story. It won’t be a hard nut’, 

Moti was over confident. She had already finished 2 chips covers and was planning on my share of pizza. She is faster. For my stomach’s sake (!), I sat at corner and placed Sheeni in middle, beside Moti. Nodded her, signalling to take Sheeni’s share, he won’t mind.

I turned to Sheeni,’ Play CA’.

‘What’s CA?’ he enquired.

‘CLOUD ATLAS!’, I guffawed. Sheeni got irritated. ‘Don’t make too much short cuts you MoFu, GFY’.

I like when Sheeni get irritated. Looked at Moti, she had finished Sheeni’s pizza too! She is 3G Zoo-Zoo. Vodafone may be ‘launching’ her soon. Of course, defying gravity!
Movie started and first 20 minutes got over. We all were glued to the screen. None was removing their eyes from screen. I was shocked to see Moti had not eaten anything since the start of movie.

’20 minutes over, guess the story’, I asked Moti patting on her head.
She was dumb struck. She pinched herself to check, is she dreaming? Interlink of past, present, future and damn technology had confused her.

‘Dude, I guess they have mixed many Hollywood trailers and made as a movie’, she was tensed and horrified. This was happening first time. She had stopped eating to concentrate more on movie and she had no clue of what was happening in movie. Rather better to say none of us had a clue.

Sheeni got irritated,’ Shhh... Dialogues are not audible. Keep quite’.

‘I even not understanding the visuals, leave audio’, I scratched my head and without permission played the DVD from beginning. ‘A fresh start’, I said monotonously and nobody objected! It was like doctor advised pizza and I offered pizza too! Everyone wanted to start the movie from beginning but nobody said just because of attitude.

Thirty minutes passed and still we had not a clue of what was happening in the movie. Moti had thrown all the eatables at corner and covered herself with the bed-sheet and cautiously watching the movie as if she gonna get into the movie.

Sheeni had tears in his eyes due to pronged watching without blinking his eyes. He has leaned totally towards the laptop screen, listening to every single word and if it was not audible he used to rewind and play.
   One hour got over, still I did not get even a bit of clue what was going on, only some scenes were showed which were mutually exclusive. Past present future ki ma behan kar di thi usme. But Moti and Sheeni were in same position as if they understand it clearly.

I stooped front and checked the remaining time of the movie. 'Why you check the time often?', Sheeni's irritated tone beamed. Moti too nodded! I thought I am the only idiot sitting without understanding the movie. Still 2 hours more! I saw through corner of my eyes, they too were seeing the time left through corner of their eyes and our eyes connected and they suddenly turned to the screen. Then I got to know, everyone had the same thought in their mind,’ STILL TWO HOURS!! I need to sit here for next two hours and watch some scenes which are bouncing like anything over my head’. But none spoke. Ego matters boss.

I laughed at us remembering what Moti had told before the start of movie, telling the whole story by just watching the first 20 minutes.
I went to pee and came back. ‘Shall I rewind it from where you missed?’, Sheeni asked me keeping the cursor on rewind button.
‘Hell, will I understand anything from that part?’ I asked Sheeni, trying to make the atmosphere easy.
‘Negative’, he nodded and grinned.

Moti was back with eatables, she had last her interest in movie. ‘I have seen this scene in one trailer’, she murmured with pop corn in her mouth. She still believed that this is not a movie but just a mixture of some trailers! God save CA!!

I looked at Moti and she too was looking at me. We grinned. We completely had lost interest in movie but we can’t leave the room or change the movie because we had ‘movie-pact’ that no one leaves the room without watching the complete movie except for toilets!

I had written the pact and pasted it below the Nolan’s poster. Screw me. Time scrolled but Sheeni did not change his position, he was sitting front of us and Moti and I, both were resting our back to wall. Moti and I quarreled for the last piece of pizza, place to keep leg, pillow fight and even for the more silly things. We thought it was the better option than facing the bouncing balls. When we got bored of fights too, I stooped front to check the remaining time, 30 minutes! 
I got irritated and turned to Sheeni to tell him to change the movie and screw the pact. But hell broke, to my amusement, MuFu, GFY was sleeping with his mouth open! I showed that to Moti. She got irritated and kicked him. Both started laughing. ‘Crap. We were watching the movie ((!) I looked at her and winked) just because you were watching but you..,’ I too kicked him.

‘Dude what shall I do? No meaning in the scenes. Which is past, present and future in the movie? It’s not non-linear but curvy-linear or say, hyperbola. Who said watching movie is fun? I got doubt about my existence while watching this movie. Sorry not movie, mixture of trailers!’, Sheeni blurted out. And all broke to laughter.

Till date neither we watched it again nor we understood a bit of the CA. 

P.S: Remembering the faces really eases out the movie. BOL! (best of luck) :P


  1. Good review of bad movie... of course you reviewed your friends too... You are a good critic..

    1. he heee. I thought you have forgotten my blog. keep it up :)

  2. ha! it was Fun reading it... you are good with nailing the not-so-good-work..:P