Thursday, October 1, 2015

Stolen Rainbow!

Rainbow, such a fascinating thing. Right? It mesmerises most of us. Everyone praises the beauty of it. Apart its serenity, we are able to explain the science behind it. But recently I got a question in my mind. What is the use of Rainbow? Just to enjoy its beauty and be happy for some time?

I kinda feel we can easily compare Rainbow and Money. Both are similar in nature. Money fascinates and mesmerises people. People enjoy its presence. But what's the use of it? It gives temporary happiness just like a Rainbow but contentment? Can it buy contentment? Sleep or Love? Or Brotherhood? Same is with the Fame. Both (Money and Fame) are like Rainbow, just for some time we will be happy for having it but we should keep in mind, both are of no use.

The true purpose of our existence is to share brotherhood and knowledge. If you are not helping others to have a better life then there is no use of your very own existence.

Our life may be filled with variety of colours but main things are brotherhood and knowledge. On the birthday of M.K.Gandhi, let's celebrate brotherhood and have peace.

I am just sending a messaged bottle in the ocean. It may reach other shore or sink but its up to you. But I just hope somebody steals the Rainbow filled in peoples' head and make people get the true meaning of being human.

Let peace be all around. Jai Hind!

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