Friday, November 6, 2015


Hi friends, what is Happiness?

Simple question right? It is simple but the preoccupied answer in your mind is the correct answer? Now you are ambiguous about the answer. Let’s debunk it. Happiness is a state of mind. Many can argue it is a state due to surrounding environment. Let me give an example. You are very tired at the end of the day, tired level 10/10, you can’t move your leg even. In that situation if any confirms you that you have won a 10crore lottery, what will be your reaction? You just jump in joy-call all-make party, right? So it confirms happiness is a state of mind, your physical weakness and surrounding tensions shall not matter. But in real world it is not the case, why so?

In the above example money was the priority over other things, so you were happy. Friends, in school and colleges many blindly prioritize marks over relationship, trigonometry over friendship. Because of unhealthy competition people become jealous, sadist and self-centred by throwing up the values. In short give priority to friendship than marks and enjoy the lovely moments with them and get to know the spotless happiness.

We will get to know how important is our thumb when it gets injured and we can’t do even normal day to day activities easily. So just try to understand the message here and introspect before your thumb injures. Be smart.

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