Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Intolerance is not tolerated

Aamir Khan in an award function had disclosed about his wife calling to tell him once to leave India due to growing intolerance in India. Aamir khan's statement might have outraged in media and might have got political turn too. But the truth is he really has made a big comment on India.

Personally I feel, Aamir khan should have added positive comments on India. Else it is straight to see that he is accepting it. Being an International ambassador for many schemes, Aamir Khan should not have made such comment. Until we stay in a country we won't be knowing the problems over there, considering this I feel India is safe to stay than other many countries.

 Aamir has fans for his acting and for his philanthropic works too. The big blow for fans is they never expected this type of comments from him because people started to see a big hope of diverting India towards a positive way from his Satyameva Jayate. But it is shocking when a person like him making comment like this.

If at all we excuse him for now without taking any action, after some days another person will start saying rubbish, then another, it goes on. We need to take some action so that none simply decides character of the nation.

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