Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thoughts during a mosquito biting night!

Usually, fast cards make mosquitoes unconscious for 6 hours. So make home void of mosquitoes, we need to use 4 fast cards per day. As the research says male mosquitoes live 15-50 days. As an optimum if we use fast cards for 30 days, we can make our mosquito-biting-home to no-mosquito home.

It just needs Rs.120 to do so.

But there is a flaw. Outside mosquitoes can enter too.

What if all over India, every galli-naali, we use fast cards for 30 days? We can make our India free of mosquitoes.

P.S: How much money it requires to do so? Just make a work out considering 4 fast cards per day per 30'-40'site.

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