Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Neighbor Kid - 2

The same guy again today. I woke up to the loud cry of my neighbour kid. His father was telling him to finish the home work and was listening nothing from him. Just pushing him to do home work.

The kid might have become mum by now. His father told him initial procedure to solve the problem. And asked to do  further. But boy was lethargic. Father got fed up and started treating him physically.

" Nanig solve madak baralla" kid spoke up at last.

"Baralla!! YAK BARALLA, schoolig yake hogtiya " father enquires.

Kid too ferociously answers

"A BOOK NANDALRO, A MATHS BOOK ANNA DU. Nanigelli baratta solve madaka"

*I heard loud chuckles*

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