Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Neighbor Kid - 3

Some one was knocking at my window continuosuly. Woke up to find out it was neighbor kid.

"If I knock it with stone will the window glass break? " Kid asked.

I was very irritated by the interruption. Addin to that this childish question, anyway he is just a kid.

"Yes, it is delicate". I answered.

" Is it due to crystalline form? If it was amorphous would it have broken?" Kid continued.

My eyes wide open now

" you know so many things already for your age" , I sat on the bed facing him.

"I know everything, you can ask me anything. I was just checking you know it or not" kid beemed with smile

*saala kido*

" do you know isocellous triangle? "

Beep beep beep. Answered

*tried a bit harder this time*


Beep beep beep answered.

* I was getting uncomfortable*

"Black holes?"

Beep beep beep answered. I tried everything I know, Start of universe, big bang higgs-boson, he answered before I could complete the question. I just started to think what happened to our education system!

One big blow then I was wide open. Mom was tapping on my hand to wake me up. Oh my God. I was happy. First opened the window to see the kid. He was doing home work and asking "Appa... Apppaaa.... E time naan yest subjects li fail adre neev hodiyalla"

Just sighed and got relief.

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