Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Banging Civil

Dedicated to all Civil guys...

“May I come in sir”, I interrupted to Geology lecture. I thought he will make fun of us by saying ‘come VVIP’s. With me a guy of spiky hair was also there. I never saw him in previous classes. I think he sit in last benches. But Geo lecture didn’t say anything. Sighed and signaled to come in.

First and middle benches were occupied actually it’s easy to guess, first benches were occupied by punctual students who makes good notes. And students already analyzed that Geo lecture never care about middle benchers notes and visit last benches mainly while dictating. And today we both late comers got the honorable last seat.

As I could see printing presses were on work. Geo has started lecturing .And students started writing notes. I too started my printing press. Got bored by writing but didn’t stop because already Geo had visited my desk twice. Time elapsed as centipede scrolls. But Geo didn’t stop his dictating. I thought to close the printing press and let it sink in loss. After some time Geo started to come to my bench. Then I showed him as am writing and when he came near to me I covered my book as many toppers do in exam to avoid others to copy from their answer.

I guess it got success. So he didn’t tell me to go out of the class. Bell rang and he took attendance by calling our roll numbers which made our belief of being in the jail strong. Geo left the class then one of the students who sat in middle bench informed; ‘now the class is CEM!!’

I think CEM never taught us anything only dictated the notes. If I tell, she is a good 'dictator' then surely Hitler will commit suicide. I took oath,’ I won’t write anything in this class’, many guys ran out and some came to last benches. Anyway students knew CEM never leaves the stage and never comes to see our notes. CEM holds the microphone as sword in hands of a worrier. CEM started dictating; rather say computer vocal software was on. Same pitch of words and same frequency.

”I don’t know many students name here”. A voice came from beside me. The voice was of 2nd VVIP. He too was not taking down the notes.

“Am Richard”, responded him I knew that he invited me to chat.

“Am John”, he told in firm voice.

“Which block?” I asked.

Sudden reply came “Are you in Disco(Disciplinary committee)?!!”

I told,” No, but I got it. Tell your unofficial room number”.

Both smiled.

“My room number XXY”. We kept quiet for some time I knew a new relationship can’t be a continuous function.

“Pretends…” John murmured.

“What? Any problem?” I asked.

“ Does she think, she came from Oxford University? CEM pronounces words as CEM has throat and lung problem”.

I thought CEM might have not completed 12th even.

I said, “I think today CEM came reluctantly to the class”.

“Today! Dude, CEM bunks classes more than we do. Once in a week CEM comes to the class then also this condition”.

“Then I have to alter my previous sentence a bit. ‘I think CEM comes reluctantly to the classes.

Both smiled again. I once observed the class. All were busy in taking down the notes as they well get 10 pointer for that.

I started,”John I always thought class room as an army training center. Teachers tell us how to launch the missiles as Captain. And we, the comrades, listen them because we have to survive in the war”.

“Yes, Dude Me too feels the same. And as I observed the 15% of students in class listen lectures, 30% do other work like HW, assignments, completing lad records, 25% will chat in the class ,10% students look 90’ right to the board and left guys are absentees”.

“Then we both come in 25% of class now”. I gave a full stop as, I gave that thesis. CEM was staring at us as we were talking in 19 KHz and creating noise. For the altars of our future we kept quite as our grades were with CEM.

I saw a guy in middle bench. He has been murmuring. ’Enough. Stop dictating’. But he didn’t stop taking down the notes or more precisely he didn’t miss a single word of what CEM told.

Then a message came to my cell. Just a forwarded one. I was texting him back but John sat on edge of the bench. My intuition told he is going to give a huge theory as of Einstein’s E=MC2. And I thanked professional communication for helping me to predict the intuition.

I stopped messaging and asked,” Anything?”

“Yep, it’s … Err…Ok. It’s a mind game. I can make CEM to sign off the class and leave. I will just look in CEM eyes, will make an eye contact, concentrate and will pass the message to ‘sign off the class and leave’. Then am damn sure she will leave the class. What you say?”

I was a bit in dilemma because I had watched Accepted movie, in which a boy blasts a car with his high concentration power. But who don’t want the class to sign off half an hour early.

“All the best”, I said. I prayed God to keep an eye on CEM. I started looking at CEM as I was more interested in the thing which gets blast than the man who is blasting. John started concentrating. After a few seconds I could see CEM felt something discomfort, started stammering, amplifier went wrong.

CEM had a sip of water and asked a question to the class, no one could answer it, not even the guys who were sitting in first bench. Then CEM asked to John. I thought he got trapped. His huge thesis went wrong somewhere. When the first bench students couldn’t answer the question then what a chit chatting chatter-box can answer. But it was an anti-climax. He answered the question. CEM praised him and left the class. Now am in full dilemma. Did really his eye contact thesis work? Else how could CEM leave so early? Or he was just distracting me not to listen the class as its relative grading! More than all, dilemma is why he chose me? I am not nearer to the topper even as I have a proof of 3 FF’s!!

Class dispersed. I looked beside me for John but he was not there. I glanced at the dispersed mob for him but he was missing. Then slowly I packed my bag. And consoled myself, “Chalo yaar zindagi main bahut si chees pehali baar hi hota hain” and a smile dressed on my face. And I trotted towards Reddy’s.

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