Monday, March 5, 2012

Right interview went wrong

Here is a small effort from my side for how interview should not be.

A colorful print out was pinned in my hostel notice board stated, 

                       “IG CLUB, recruitment today* 7pm @MSH”
                              *fill your resumes.

I jumped by knowing about recruitment.  I thought this is the time to show what I am capable of. I Thought the same when cricket, basket ball, dance clubs said about their recruitment and I got screwed in all.  Somehow I have to make into the IG club and all I had is 8hours. Then a sudden thought came into my mind, ‘what is there to prepare, just I will be what I am’. I prefer originality than being artificial.
In resume a bunch of questions were asked, among many I found one as familiar, ‘If you try to FAIL and you get SUCCESS then what have you done?’  After a few seconds I remembered that it is my t-shirt quote too. 

Did they steal this quote from t-shirt makers? If I ask them I guess they may say ‘it is not stealing; we got inspired by the t-shirt quote!’ I just questioned myself do I really want to join this quote-stealing-club? I thought, Something is better than nothing. Jai ho!

I did know first impression is the best impression so planned to wear the same t-shirt to the club interview.
I reached the venue 20min late. I thought they will kick me out. But the club members were not come yet! They came after 15min of my arrival. ‘Bravo, what a club! If they had come a bit late I would have kicked them all. Around 9.00pm my turn came after 23 member interview. Interview was in a fresher’s classroom. I entered the room, 3 members were in the interview panel. 2 guys were in the formal suits and a lady was in the sari. I guessed she might be the head of the panel.

I greeted all. They asked me to sit in the chair which was facing them. I sat straight not because it is manners but I wanted them to see my t-shirt quote clearly which matched the resume question.

1st guy (smilingly): Did you buy this t-shirt after seeing our resume or you had it before?

Me (smilingly): well, actually I had it a year ago. (All gave a formal smile)
I could have stopped it there itself but I went on.
I have a small doubt, you copied this quotation as your resume question or you got to know it as a t-shirt quotation just now?
(Their smiles were vanished)
 I recollected what I said just now blindly. Alas! My first impression which was to be good because of the t-shirt turned too bad because of the same!
 (There was an awkward silence for a few seconds)
I maintained the smile as nothing bad has happened!

Head-lady: Forget it. Tell us about yourself.

Me (came to the edge of chair): well, I am a calm minded person. I just like to sit in the room and read novels, magazines or do blogging.
(All were stunned by my answer. And me too!)
What you have just said to them? I could have told them ‘am an enthusiastic person, very communicative blah blah…’ they must be thinking, either I am not prepared for the question or I am an idiot.
 I kept grinning to show them everything is still fine.

Head-lady (seeing my resume): you have written you do have a blog. Can I know your blog address?

Me: yes, of course. I just write about simple things in a funny way.

Head-lady (opening my blog in laptop): hmm.., it is quite nice but you don’t have any followers or at least 1 comment.
I said again, Originality is the only Mantra.

Me (answering quickly): well, I write blog to share my opinions not for popularity.

Head-lady (nodded with my words): good.
I thought this originality thing is working.

2nd guy: You are telling you want to share your opinions but no followers for you since a year then who will read your blog? If no one is reading then your purpose of sharing is defeated. Rather we won’t say it as sharing even.
I had no answer for him. This was my turn to be silent.
I saw at Head-lady. Her good impression on me was disappearing. And she was giving ‘answer-to-this’ look.

Me (searching for an answer): well, we know time is a good healer. Same way it will make my blog popular one day.
Thought, what an answer ‘Sirji’!

Head-lady: It will be popular just with time or it will be popular when you really work hard for it?
I thought, so true. What a blind answer I gave. Blogging is not just a time pass. It requires skills, your cumulative effort, Ideas, good narration, blog should be simple; it should make all to muse about the issue and a bit of luck.

1st guy: OK, why do you want to join in this club?

Me: I really enjoy literature, mainly humor. I think this will be a good platform for me.

1s guy: yes true. (I felt relieved) But it needs an enthusiastic people who can go out and communicate with the people and popularize the club but you want to sit in room. How will you cope up with this?
I felt like he punched me with a big hammer on my head.

Me: well, I can adjust to it or I will concentrate more on writing and publicity can be done by any another one.
Even I could tell it was a vague answer. I am running away from my weakness instead of facing it and overcoming from it.

Head-lady: IG is a small club we can’t have different departments, like management, publicity etc. We need people who are multitalented.
Alas! At least I would have researched about the club. Now I am sure she must have identified as I don’t know anything about the club even.

1st guy: Did you attend any of our recent workshops?
I was trapped totally. I didn’t attend IG workshops, leave IG I didn’t attend any workshop even. I thought of leaving the hall. But I wanted to face everything.

Me: Err... No.
Panel members discussed something among themselves.

Head-lady: OK, do you like to say anything about this interview?
I still question myself till today, why I was believed staunchly about the originality.

Me: yes, this is my first interview in literature club. I have seen many interviews in movies. I thought this interview will be in an AC room but this is just a class room.
By this their temper might have raised but I still went on.
And expected some high authority will come and interview me but… Still it was good!
They didn’t say anything just showed the exit. I guess they might have informed about me to other clubs too as not to take interview of me, it’s a mere waste of time!

But after coming out of the interview I learnt many things from that.
First and foremost question, do you really want to join the recruitment offered company? Any interview needs full research about the club or company you are attending. What is the job offered for you, are your skills suit to the required position, how well you overcome your weakness, how well you convince them with your diplomatic answer and originality and just originality does not help but adding preparation to it helps a lot.

I attended the IG interview again next year and followed all the points as I stated above. And just imagine am in the club!! Today it is more organized, more punctual and more original. Anyway life is to make things correct right? Bravo…


  1. please leave your comment if u like this blog or even you don't like it.

  2. I too learned many things from your blog dude, it was funny and fantastic, thanks for posting.

  3. Hey Vinayak
    good narration...really funny, i feel that no matter how much research you do or how well you prepare for an interview, its no use at all..its your presence of mind that time that makes all the difference!
    hope this makes some sense...just my experience.

    1. yes, i agree with you. And it also depends that which course you are in. In engineering we have to be thorough with the company's history, current issue etc. i can't guarantee that following this will make you in the company but it enhances the chances of getting in.:)

    2. hey hi buddy........,
      excellent narration and you know it s just funny.
      you have skill,good narration and you are gifted with strong attitude.the blog is ultimate.
      i would suggest you to write a book on your journey ,the ups and downs,link-ups and about crazy seven years' blooming period of your life.
      when i first read your first published blog about the lab i brushed it off thinking that anyone would do that adding some masala to the original incident.
      right now i am experiencing it,writing meaningfully and to bring laughter on the reader's face is damn difficult'
      keep it have excelled in this.thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!
      write more n more n more.............

    3. welcome to blog vikas.
      writing book is a huge thing, yet i am baby walking in literature, i have yet to learn a lot. yes, its true that 7 years in JNVT was a golden period and good choice too to write a book about it. And think other side of the river too, who will be the third person to read the book? you,me and ?? offer should come from the people.
      if you start writing you too will have a grip over writing, who knows you may be best at it. why don't you give a try?