Thursday, March 22, 2012


*we know about first three dimensions.
4th dimension is our position with respect to time (where you were at 4pm and where you are now gives your positions)
5th dimension is just like going to past and following the same path which you followed now (ex: if you are Doctor now, going back in time to your childhood and following the same path as you did and becoming doctor again. Here your path is predetermined)

6th dimension is same as 5th dimension but here you choose a different path when you go back to past. (ex: now you are a Doctor, going back to your childhood and following the path to become an IAS officer. You are choosing a new path here). A good question is, what happens to the current state when we go to past?

I was waiting for the bus. What the.., how could I be so careless? How could I forget my close friend’s birthday? I was cursing myself. ‘March 5th-Prasad’s birthday’. Is that so difficult to remember just a simple thing?  I saw my watch it was showing 1:30 pm, March 6th.  Can’t it show March 5th naturally now? I wanted to turn the universe’s clock.

I was about to get sunstroke but bus arrived. I hate summer, first of all, my eyes get infected in summer and we sweat daily in huge quantity.  I hate this sweat shower.

I boarded the bus. I was able to make it to a window seat. I was totally exhausted. I had belly full of food. I wanted peace; I wanted sleep.
I prayed God to send some girl of my age to beside seat. I guess all boys pray same. Bus started nobody sat beside me. I left the hope. Next bus stop came. Wind gushed through the window, so cool. All my tensions were gone, I felt light weighted; I felt like a free bird.
Then a girl entered the bus from nowhere and sat beside me. I was speechless.  She was pretty, wore a pink T-shirt and blue jeans, her spotless face made her much attractive, her hairs were silky. I wanted to talk with her but stopped myself. ‘Don’t be stupid. Act decent. Wait for some time and now Rascal! Take your tongue inside’. I put on my ear phones; even though songs were not playing I acted as I am listening music. Cell batteries really suck. Started viewing outside the window as to show I was comfortable before her arrival and even after too.

I took a deep breath just to know her perfume brand but I just got a smell of Mango flavor candy! Is she a candy seller?
After some time I felt what the hell, you are watching dusty roads, wobble doors of a broken building when a ‘tota’ is sitting beside you. I thought it’s enough waiting time is over.

“Well, where are you going?” I asked. This is the best way to start a chat in bus or else what could I ask ‘what’s your age?’ or ‘what’s your score in GATE or at least in CAT?’
“RaVik tower”, she smiled. Only two words; Girls always have an engine problem, beginning problem. We have to push much.
“Wow, near that tower is my PG. I lied. Well, I never saw you there, new to the city?”  I wanted to be more formal.
“Not new but I work there. Get hardly free time to roam”, she made a dull face. She was very expressive. I was ready to show her entire city if she was willing to see, even was ready for getting empty wallet.
“Which is your favorite vacation spot?” I made the next move. How much anyone can discuss on dry things.
“Singapore” she said.

I heard some feeble words. Many were singing birthday song. I searched around but I didn’t find any clue of it.
“And yours? “ She asked.
“Yeah, mine too. Your favorite flower?” I asked to continue chatting. I avoided the distracting birthday song.
“Lotus” she said.
“How strange, mine too” I over whelmed.

She got doubt. I guess she was thinking as I am flirting but the truth was mine favorites were same too.
“Favorite hero?” she asked me now.
“kishor kumar” I replied.
“Favorite colour?” she asked. It was just like a rapid fire round.
“Blue” I replied.
She was baffled. “What the.., mine too same”. Now I got doubt.

Conductor was shouting at someone to give ticket. When I turned around to see what’s happening, I couldn’t find the conductor even! I sensed something was wrong.
“Many clashes between us, OK let’s see, what your phone number is?” she had made the next move.
“953865660” I replied in chaos.
“Are you joking? That is my cell number too! Yours can’t be idea right? Because mine is idea” she poked.
“Really?!! Mine is Vodafone” I was more interested in knowing the invisible conductor than her phone number.

I sensed some liquid was dripping on my shoes. When I bowed down to see what’s that I didn’t find anything. Something is really happening. I am hearing invisible people saying birthday songs, conductor is shouting at someone but he is invisible, invisible liquid but I couldn’t able to find what it really is.  
“Ticket.., Ticket” at a sudden conductor came beside us. I shocked. He was asking ticket from us.
“2 tickets  to RaVik tower” she said and opened her purse to give money. I hold her purse and said I will pay him. But she resisted, she wanted to pay. But I didn’t leave. I kept dragging and she too. I snatched it.  I heard a girl cry. I saw at her but she was not crying. Oh God! What’s happening?

“Thadar!!” I felt my ears almost gone. I closed my eyes in response but when I opened scene was same conductor was asking ticket, passengers were same but the girl beside me turned to a small girl and I was holding a mango flavor candy, instead of purse, which ruined my shoes! Some aunt was shouting at me “don’t you have shame; you are snatching a girls candy?” With that conductor too, “I was shouting to you for ticket since half an hour, pay it”
My stop came. I got out of bus. As I directed towards my office I recalled what happened. I got to know I saw a dream but which one was the dream I don’t know, the small girl with candy or big pretty girl or current state of going office being beaten by an aunt? I made sure the big pretty girl was a dream. She was telling what my choices are and what my desires are. And what’s the bullshit about same phone number but different network! I told myself to forget the incident and entered the office. All were singing birthday song to my close friend and when I saw my watch it showed ‘10.30 am, March 5th’!!

Answer for the beginning question is both the things take place simultaneously but in different phase. Read the post again you will enjoy it.

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  1. blitz of conductor and aunty revived you to real world... you had enterd to 3rd level it seems.. lol..

  2. hi karna
    i am glad that you could make it to The Third Level. yeah, it's some what similar to it but here am dealing mainly with the intricacies of the dimension precisely time and space;)

  3. Interesting theory about dimensions!

    1. hi Rachna
      theory is interesting and acceptable to some extent too but it's originally not mine. i am just making the complex theory to a simpler one. 6th dimension can be practically possible if we are able to invent a machine which make us to travel at least equal to light speed which is not possible with current science.

  4. total Inception....
    a bit interestin but equally irritating..
    by d way good work vin............

  5. hi shash, it amazing that you said it is ' a bit interesting'. its the ultimate positive words from you! thanks:) you might have got irritated coz its a bit lengthier.

  6. logical contradiction :Bus was almost full but there was nobody to sit beside you???
    The first pic is of very low resolution.what was it supposed to say?
    How is the dream analogy explaining the 6th dimension?-I didn't understand that.

  7. Bus was almost full but there was nobody to sit beside you??
    How is the dream analogy explaining 6th dimension?I didn't get that.
    1st pic is very fuzzy.what was it supposed to say?

    1. Hi Ravindra
      -Basically, when we say 'bus is full', it implies about the number of seats occpied, not the number of passengers standing in bus. If passengers were standing before my arrival how could i get a seat?

      -i guess you didn't get my post. i was much disturbed for not attending my friend's birthday party and totally exhausted too. This drived me to past( as per the theory of 6D these are sometimes called 'Ripples')
      By the way dream is not a part of 6D it's just my plot. I entered 6D AT THE END(i didn't write anything about how i entered 6D), i implied it by writing ‘10.30 am, March 5th’!!

      -Assume the shape in the picture is rotating. Trace the edges( or say path) with respect to time.
      *Go to the past, rotate the shape in same direction or different direction than the used one. This may lead you to same path(5th Dimension) or different path and shape( so the shape is decreased in size)(6th Dimension) respectively.

      i guess i cleared your doubts ;)