Wednesday, March 7, 2012


*For civil engineering students
I studied about ‘moment’ in social
It joined too in mechanical
What the girder cable is?
Explain the Indian Mansoon with ease

Who studies about theodolite?
I never studied beneath street light
Six in mid-sem test!
Zero in surprise test!

I was struggling with bearing stress
Now newly added pre-stress and post-stress
If I jump for suicide in river
They will ask me ‘what’s BOD content in the water?’

Structural design tortures about rivet value
Economics asks currency value
I care about human needs
Please anyone tell me why water is neither an acid nor a base?

Who cares about Vector Space?
My mind is a Null Space
I never checked my math marks
Who can identify all geological rocks?

Who knows the value of math-pie?
Give your hand for high-five
You too, who all busy with Wi-Fi

All wants to be in top rank
Then when we will do mass bunk?
     Among all the questions
     One pops out always
     ‘Am I an engineer?’
     Amidst this my college says ‘think-create-engineer!’


  1. Replies
    1. hey Anupama
      welcome to my blog:-) and thanks for the comment:-)

  2. Hey Rachna
    welcome to my blog:) 'Purpose' is more important than the 'need'. Many will aim about clearing engineering entrance in their High school itself. but how well it suits them will be known, only when they join the stream.

  3. Hahahaha :D..This poem can be extended to all engineers :D

    1. hey Ana_treek,
      yes true;) words in the poem belong to civil but when a student returns blank answer sheet to invigilator,he should finally think, am i an engineer? ;)

  4. wow :) that was a true engi legendary !!!!