Friday, March 30, 2012

Views about Indian passengers

Manners is nothing but the outcome of our environment where we live. If our elders say lying is not a crime in our infancy then as we grow up we lie to others even by making eye contacts. Our environment affects our manners directly.

“papa papa, I am 8years old but you told him 5years”
chup, don’t scream else conductor will ask money”
 A father replied to his son while traveling in bus. Here start elders- coaching-classes-for-lying-to-children. This is quite a familiar incident in India. This is just a simple instance but speaks much about people.

A small girl sat beside me in bus. She was eating chocolate and need not to say more chocolate was there on her face and hands than her stomach. I was busy with my lap-top then suddenly she wiped her hands to my pant, she might have assumed my tens of thousands cost pant as a rag. She was just a small girl to scream at her. With an artificial smile I showed her parents what your ‘a little’ has done to my pant. They smiled in response as to say me,’ why do you think we are sitting apart from her?’!!

Great family. I saw the girl. She was laughing at me and clapping. I guess she was happier to share her chocolate with my pant. Now, no wonder, I had more chocolate than her hands and stomach.

Someone rightly said, “India has got world’s largest toilet facility extending from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari!”  If we knock the door and say “don’t use bathroom, train is in station” a cool reply comes from inside, ‘ arrey bhaiyya, kab tak rokuuu?, it’s better to do here than in compartment!’ you can’t blow the door and kick his ass and tell him to come out; just close your nose with your fingers and leave the place.
People know all these but yet they litter. The same people when they sit with garam chai while watching TV, say ‘see, our nation is so unhygienic’.  If you want to change the system then change yourself; everyone will trail you. 


One boy was scribbling something on seat in the bus. I told him its bad manners and to strengthen my point I gave an example. ‘In Japan passengers carry a needle and thread while traveling in bus or train. If the seat is tattered they stitch it. That’s their kindness but in India, passengers will put their two fingers in the torn seat and try to make it bigger!’
Sudden reply came, ‘its owner fault, why can’t they stitch the tattered seats or better replace them?’
It is common problem with of all of us. We never accept our faults rather busy in pointing on someone else.
I replied, “Don’t forget, it’s we people harm the seats not they. By the way, how many seats you will replace? It’s a mere waste till the people like you have fun in harming them”.

It’s no wonder city buses are treated as dustbins by passengers. An old man was throwing an empty chips packet inside the bus. I told him not to throw here. He calmly replied, “Beta, why you look for the perfection in this imperfect world (!)? OK I respect your concern”. Then he threw it outside the window! It was good he was polluting in the bus but now he polluted the city by throwing the packet outside bus!!
I wanted to screw him and say ‘if you had used your philosophy in a good way you would have owned this bus’.
“Now it’s OK?” old-man asked me.
I stared at him as response.
 Nowadays people forget even how much they are polluting the city and what will be its aftermath. How will they know it is bad as many are doing the same. Everyone assumes it’s permitted.

In India we have more resources than some of the developed countries. But even we find scarcity of some resources. People blindly say, it’s because of huge population. But no. The reason is, in developed countries with the limited resources they try to take out maximum efficiency possible but In India, we fix a minimum efficiency on resources first then try to use them.
Is just growth in IT sector assumed as an overall growth? In my views, if you want to measure the country’s growth then include humanity, politeness, brotherhood and manners.  Foundation of the country should be strong when you want to build a super structure on it.  

If you have similar experiences then feel free to share here.
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  1. your blog is not obfuscate.It clearly shows the attitude of the may be an elder person or younger.most of the people in india consider the government as something else. like its the property of a third person.they are unaware of the taxes being put on them. when they destroy public property,its goimg to be taxed on them in a indirect way.. so people should understand. when they consider it has their own,then they wont do such non sense. no body is going to rub chocolate on their pant. and wont scratch on their car,bike..... what do you say????

    1. hi karna
      yeah, i tried to tell the same. even it's uneasy for the other passengers too if people litter there. when things are ours we take at most care of them.

    2. hi vinayaka.
      We compare ourselves with japan and other countries,but for the last 30 years i hav been hearing the same things,we cant educate the people in all the things,it is about the concern to the nation,to the surroundings,to the resources.

    3. i agree with you sir. people should know, 'clean is the city safer the future life'.

  2. It's a sad fact with most of us. And it's not just limited to the illiterate segment of the population. Every morning by the bus stands, I see IT professionals jostling and fighting to get up into buses. There's never a queue in sight.

  3. Hi Ramakant
    Rightly said, now a days we see same traits between literates and illiterates. people are becoming more self-centered. Till our environment changes this tradition remains same. change the tradition implies change ourself and teach others. there never be a satisfaction if the people behave same even if we are called as one of the developed countries.

    1. I agree. It's not a blame game. But each one of us has to take the onus and do our part to make it a better place for the current and future generations.

  4. blame the dirty system dude....
    if the law and order is followed strictly everything will be perfect, or atleast there may be some improvements.
    i remember a saying,"indians are not fit to rule they are fit to be ruled". i am sad to say this as i am a strong patriotic indian but truth is truth.
    attitude matters.
    selfishness is the one of the true causes for all these.........
    i am really interested in this topic i will come up with my views next time.

    1. Hi Vikas
      i respect your views but we can't just depend on Govt. Govt has taken many measurements(at least i believe) like street paintings, providing dustbins etc but the thing is they can't keep an eye on all. People are so tricky about escaping from getting punished. even educating the people is not enough as i said in above comment. we can believe only on ourselves. stretch your hands for the right cause.

  5. I agree with you Vin.
    People are careless about things which don't belong to them.Same is true with the usage of plastics,pollution...
    How many of us care to carry the waste chips covers back (and other plastics) from our picnics,instead of throwing them in wild?
    These problems have always been a conundrum in my mind.No doubt the awareness has to start from the individual level.But how do you think it will/can start??

    1. i always believe for any type of problems we can find solutions and at the end we feel is the solution this much simple? But it is a complicated problem as the huge population is careless about their future environment and it is really hard to control the whole city or nation.

      we can start awaring people about the aftermath of polluting the city, by forming a group of volunteers and making it happen, seeking help from Govt. for the instalments of dustbins and their maintance, imparting strict rules for not polluting the city, Adds in TV,Radio etc( not just saying about, to keep the city clean etc but mainly showing the results on environment due to our careless behaviour and help all by being eco friendly).
      List goes on but it mainly depends on how we execute them as demerits will always accompany with every solution.

  6. absolutely vinayak, you are dead right with the examples you have mentioned. I have also seen parents telling kids to lie even for train journeys to save on the half ticket, or using train toilets, or spitting from buses, or throwing plastic or garbage bags from buses or cars. It is endless. Yet, they will all join the clamour and say look what the country has come to. Very sad. It is a very big problem because almost all of us are contributing in our own way.

    1. i guess if every one contributes a bit, the problem can be reduced much.

  7. So true.. change begins from you! We never think of the mess ups we do but we are really good at pointing fingers! Great blog.. I can feel your rage! :D Chill! :)

    Your newest follower,

    1. Thanks for motivating words Gayathri :)
      Actually I am happy that people see valid points in the post but i wish all should contribute at least a bit to make it turn good. Stretch the hands for the right cause :)

  8. Very true and yet strangely when these people travel abroad they become the epitome of cleanliness!

    1. Hi magiceye
      Yeah they can't be careless there. Else they will get trapped in rules and regulations. Rather i should say the environment in foreign will make them not to litter as the people care much about their environment :)