Saturday, March 17, 2012

How it feels when..,

Among many things in the world what makes us too angry?
Just imagine, you and your friends are sitting in a mall and suddenly one among you points at you and shouts, ’see! He is bald!’ how horrible it will be. Raw iron will melt in our stomach. All your friends will microscope it and some google about it to see how huge it is. Thereafter, no doubt, you will be a reason for their time pass, gossips. And names! We should give them ‘creative award’ for such types of naming, ‘Taklu’, ‘Boda’, ‘Gandhi tata’, ’Taamra-chembu!’ list goes on.
They will keep lifting your hair (which you managed to cover your bald spot), such an irritation in front of all. Then so called ‘cool-dude’ in your group will come and pluck your hairs as they are weeds. When you give him, what-the-hell-with-you’ look, he will answer, ‘anyway your head is turning arid, how it matters if I make it happen early?’ Nothing you can do for that, giggle, giggle and giggle some more because it’s true!!

But be happy that you got huge company with you. If you observe the mall you will find many shining spots, as the slang ‘convex mirrors’ (Gosh! Science students never come out of their words) ranging from Half-moon,’ hair fall starts from front head to middle of the head in a parabolic shape beginning with imprinting two railway tracks(!) on your front head’ to Full-moon, ‘hair fall starts from middle of the head in a circular pattern.